About Us

The Concept Room (tCR) was setup with the vision that creativity exists in each and everyone of us and that with the right kind and right level of guidance, all of us can manifest that creativity. Whether it is through the work that we do in our chosen careers or as aspiring artists, creativity is a basic building block upon which innovation thrives.

At The Concept Room (tCR), we believe that we need to utilize 21st century tools in order to facilitate the development of and imparting of such skills. One approach that we lead with in our conversations with schools is what we call, Animation Supported Learning (ASL). To do this, we have identified a list of criteria that a tool needs to have to be effective:

  • low barrier to proficiency and facilitates the use of student centered pedagogical approaches such as problem based, scenario based, social constructivist
  • facilitates collaboration and team work
  • visually engaging and flexible to facilitate student developed content and peer to peer learning
  • intuitive environment in line with environments that students today are comfortable with

In line with the above, we have partnered with MovieStorm UK to position their solutions in the region, starting with Singapore. With intentions to strengthen our partnership even further due to recognition of mutual value each company provides, we started discussions with MovieStorm on leveraging their platform to build a more education focused solution.